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Tool Box for Public Health Nursing Competencies

American Nurses Association (2013).  Kulbok, P., Reed, al., (2013).  ANA Scope and Standards of Practice: Public Health Nursing, 2nd Edition. The Publishing Program of ANA, Silver Spring, MD. ISBN: 13: 978-1-55810-490-7.

Quad Council Competencies for Public Health Nurses

Crosswalk Core Competencies PHN Tier 1

Core Competencies for Public Health Nursing – Free Webinar
Contact hours available until July 24, 2015

Competency Training for NC Public Health Nurses
YouTube video of the NCAPHNA regional meeting

PHN I Sample Evaluation – Clinical

PEP PHN I Sample Evaluation – Outreach

PHN I Clinic Nurse Sample Job Description

Linking Core Competencies to Annual Reviews

PHF Core Competency-Based Job Descriptions

Public Health Nursing Manual

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